Darren’s information was well presented in a format that was easy to understand. He certainly delivered beyond what I would expect for cost of the gig. I hope I need his services again so I can gain from his expertise.

This project was centered around spiritual teachings, specifically, the study and research of consciousness.

My client is a pioneer in the understanding of spiritual consciousness.  His product targets individuals who would like to understand:

  • The experience of┬áconsciousness
  • How it relates to their experience of life
  • How they can make changes in their life expereinces by expanding their consciousness.

He also written a book called The Rule Book of Life,” which is the framework for this experience. He is writing a second book that is more comprehensive and more accessible for his market. He sees himself speaking internationally at conferences that feature individuals of his genre.

I can help develop a content marketing media plan for you in your industry too.