Worth every penny, delivered exactly what I needed, ON TIME. I will definitely use again!

This was a fun project to work on, as is all Arts and Entertainment marketing projects. In this case,  my client was in the process of rebranding their business and starting a new production company. The website was under construction and they had not announced it’s release date. However, they decided to plan  content marketing schedule first. I like this because it shows that you don’t need have a website first; although you should have one developed simultaneously.  This way, when the plan is complete, you can immediately implement.

Another thing that I liked about this project is that my client admittedly said that they were a “social media dummies.” Although, I would not consider them as such, but at least they realizes now that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use social sites.

I usually discover that most people are overwhelmed with social media.

The Entertainment marketing schedule for the film company simplified their online marketing process.  I can do the same for you in your industry.

Delivered on time. Great, realistic content. Can’t wait to implement. Thank you!

Excellent bespoke work. Highly Recommended. Thank you Darren. Will use your services again.

Wow, information overload. I cannot believe how much information [Darren] has provided. Customized 52 week plan is insane. Take [him] up on his offer before he decides to [raise the prices]…this info would cost you thousands if you hired a freelancer or firm.

For me this is perfect. I need the structure and didn’t have the time to put it in an easy to use pre set list of things to do each week. I really loved having the article titles picked for me. Thank you!!!