As always Darren delivers on his promises. A true master in his field and a partner with my company to ensure its success. Thanks Darren for all your hard work.

This was a project for a daycare in Quebec.  The government offers to subsidize families where the fee is minimal per day for kids to attend daycare.   My clients offer private daycare that follows the same strict rules as the government-run agencies.  One challenge is that my clients fee is about 6 times higher than the government.

Part of the solution was moving away from “daycare” to “academy,”  focusing on education early ages.  By focusing on things parents can do to teach their kids things at home, or how private daycare is better than government, then they can succeed.  And they have.

Content Marketing Media Schedule

I developed a 52-week content marketing media schedule  that helps them build their presence online, locally, in Quebec.   Incorporated was various types of content including:

  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Excerpt articles
  • Video marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Blog commenting task